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Connections Community Services

Our Volunteers

Whether helping set up for a special community event, mentoring a student who needs support, or teaching seniors how to work with technology, volunteers can make valuable contributions to our programs and events.

We are thrilled to introduce you to the incredible individuals who make up our volunteering team and share with you the meaningful contributions they make to us. Click here discover how you can join us in making a positive impact in our community!

Meet our Shining Rocket Stars

Sandy Tang

Digital Specialist

Alison Xu

Team Lead - Volunteer & Leadership Management

Cherry Chun

Team Lead - Volunteer & Leadership Management

Connie Chiu

Human Resources Support

Cora Lai

Lead Coordinator - CVITP

Dennis Tsang

Program Photographer

Jason Tian

Program Support - Intergenerational Connect

Joei Yiu

Coordinator - Public Speaking

Juno Chan

IT System Engineer & Analyst

Kenneth Wan

Program Coordination Support

Megan Chen

Social Media Marketing Support

Sammi Mok

Accounting Support

Sherry Yang​

Administration Support

Simon Leung

Event Coordination Consultant

Meet our Rising Stars

Aaron Z.


Anthony Y.


Eric W.


More are coming …. follow our Facebook Instagram to explore of them and their great work…..

Let's hear what volunteer says...

Daniel has been one of the most influential figures in my life. Although we have not worked together for an extensive period, he has changed my life immensely. When I was 16, he was the first person who I felt like really believed in me. He gave me opportunities and trusted me with great responsibilities even though I had little experience in a leadership position. With his support, I started to gain my confidence and continued to learn. His constant support allowed me to fail and learn from my mistakes from a young age. I always knew that he had my back and that he would support me through anything. It is so rare that you see an adult trust a young kid and believe in him so much. I believe that every kid could benefit from having a figure like Daniel in their lives. He will never scold you but will give you advice and help through your whole journey. His leadership and generosity were always shown through his actions and his words to the ones that matter to him. His selflessness was recognized by all. Today, I am a young adult and I always tell people that I credit my success to Daniel. He was the first person who believed in and supported me. He gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams and gave me the mindset that I was good enough to do anything I put my mind to. Although we do not always keep in touch, Daniel is someone that I will never forget and that I will forever be grateful for. I know that the lives he changes each and every day mean more to him than anything else. That further reinforces my ideal of Daniel as the best, most selfless leader.