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Connections Community Services

Intergenerational Connect Programs

Increase engagement and to reduce isolation among generations.

Our Intergenerational Connect Programs (Children, Youth, Seniors) offer free community programs where diversed age groups connect to build community through mentoring and learning from one another. These activities aim to increase understanding and interaction between generations and among different cultural groups in our community. Explore our Children Program, Youth Program, Station Stretch Alternative Program and Senior Programs targeting various members in our community.

Children Program

Youth Program

Station Stretch Alternative Program

Introducing our Academic Completion Program, meticulously designed for students in need of a tailored approach. This program features small class sizes, robust accountability systems, and additional support to ensure success. Geared towards students completing Grade 8 to 10 in subjects like English, Math, Social Studies, and Science, we understand and cater to diverse learning needs and preferences.

Recognizing the effectiveness of varied settings and strategies, our program goes beyond conventional methods. With the support of dedicated youth counselors, students benefit from daily guidance, creating an environment that fosters both personal and academic growth. Join us on a journey towards academic success, tailored to your unique learning requirements.

Senior Programs