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Connections Community Services

Connections Kids Club

A time for children to interact and communicate with others.

Connections Kids Club is our before and after school care program for children from Kindergarten to Grade 7. Our main objective is to provide a safe, inclusive, nurturing, and enriching environment for children before and after school hours. We contribute to our children’s social and emotional development through constructive activities, games, one-to-one support and group discussions. The Kids Club program operates five days a week with extended hours for Professional Development days and early dismissal days.

The program gives parents a safe care option for their children – full of learning and fun during out-of-school hours. Currently, this program runs at four locations: Cook Elementary School, Tait Elementary School, Blundell Elementary School and Caulfeild Elementary School.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy of care is based on the BC Early Learning Framework and endeavours to support each child in experiencing and achieving:

  • A sense of well-being and belonging.
  • Exploration and creativity.
  • Improvement in language skills and literacy.
  • Social responsibility and diversity inclusion.

We also provide...

  • Daily healthy snacks.
  • Care on Professional-Development days, Early Dismissal days and during School Breaks.
  • Educational and Fun Outings and Presentations.
  • An environment that embraces and respects cultural diversity, access and information to community events and resources.
  • Understanding that quality and affordable care is a vital support to families, children and the community.

Before and After School Childcare location

Running our program in Richmond, children at Cook get an opportunity to experience and participate in fun and skill-building group games, crafts and outings! Through the mentorship of our different Youth Leaders, our children are learning how to model positive behaviours such as being inclusive, communicating and expressing themselves in a positive manner, being socially responsible and becoming a leader for their peers in a group setting.

The positive impacts

  • Building up important skills, creating connections and friendships.
  • Learning from communicating emotions to taking on leadership roles.

Our success story

BT’s family has been a part of our Cook CKC family for a long time. It was actually her older sister who was initially with us first, and we are so pleased that the family was happy with our program enough to have her younger sister BT, join us for another generation!
BT is the embodiment of Cook Connections Kids Club. Although BT is one of the younger kids, she has demonstrated inclusivity, social responsibility, enthusiasm, and positive communication with staff and peers. She’s such a prominent figure in our program that she
actually welcomed two of her friends from school to join the program as well! BT is definitely on her way to becoming a leader for her peers in the program.

Our program

  • Serving children in Richmond.
  • Revolves around Arts and Crafts projects, interactive and learning games, extracurricular individual reading, and free play. Children enjoy crafts, board games, active play, and snacks, along with having time for homework and additional readings.
  • 30 dedicated minutes for homework and quiet activities.
  • A minimum of 60 minutes of active outdoor playtime.
  • Includes a nutritious snack in the afternoon according to provincial standards.

The positive impacts

  • Positive and continuous growth in academic and casual oral communication, reading, and social understanding.
  • Children learning how to behave in various social situations.
  • Stronger interest in exploring hobbies and activities outside of school.

Our program is running in Richmond. We develop and implement age-appropriate lesson plans that align with educational standards by integrating play and hands-on activities to make learning enjoyable. We also regularly assess and adapt the curriculum to meet the evolving needs and interests of the children.

Our dedicated team of educators strives to create a warm and inclusive atmosphere where children feel valued, supported, and inspired to explore their unique talents and interests. We work closely with the school environment to create a dynamic and engaging space where children are inspired to explore their interests, build lasting friendships, and develop essential life skills in the community.

Feedbacks from parents and participant

My kids have been at CKC for 3 years now and they love it there! They provide healthy snacks and fun activities for the kids daily.
Their camps are especially fun because they go on outings and there are themed days. Most importantly my kids have learnt new skills and adore their leader and the staff!

Last year, as a newcomer, my kid was warmly embraced by the Blundell Connections Kids Club. This welcoming atmosphere played a key role in her seamless integration into the community. As working parents, we take immense pride in witnessing my kid not only enjoy her after-school moments and ProD days with fellow kiddos but also in seeing her forge meaningful friendships and a deep sense of belonging within the CKC family.

Hiii I’m J and I’m in grade 6 and I think connections kids club is super awesome and I love doing fun activities like mostly every Friday we will do ispys or bingo and we get yummy prizes! 🥳I also enjoy pro D days because if we can we go to Grauer… it’s a school we go there for the playground or we go on field trips.😃 I think the program is really awesome because I have been going for 5 years and I love when new staff come but I hate it when my favorites staffs leave its so depressing!!!😤BUT….. The best part is the FOOD we get one snack and one fruit or veggie and sometimes we get extra food! Mostly every month we will celebrate a birthday and then we will have a partyyyy!!!🥳

From 2016 to now, CCSS Before and After school program has been serving families and children in West Vancouver.

Our program

The program is structured with daily activities including arts, crafts, music, games, experiments and homework. All the activities are designed with themes based on seasons, holidays, and events.

In helping to support children’s emotional development, we posted large emotion zones expressions on a bulletin board so that kids can express their feelings and their emotions.

Feedbacks on our program

“It’s so much fun here! I don’t want to go home.”
“Wow Vivian, you are an artist!”
“We are very happy with the program. Great job!”
“You all are rocky stars. Awesome!”
“My kids ask me to pick up them late. They like your program so much!”
“Thank you so much for taking care of my girl.”
“He likes school because he can come to after care.”

Let's hear our success story...

A child has been expressing low self esteem by saying things like "nobody like me", "I'm bullied", "kids make fun of me", "kids think I'm dumb", "no one wants to play with me". They were nervous and often worried. After empowering them, putting in a leadership position, building their self esteem, and allowing them to express themselves, they are much calmer, often laughing and playing with others. They now enjoy coming to the Kid's Club and seeing their friends.
Child in our Before and After School Care

Connection Kids Camp

During summer and spring breaks, Connections Community Services offers a day camp for elementary students (ages 7-12) at Cook Elementary School and Blundell Elementary School.

The camps help children to build social connections with their peers and the youth mentors and staff that lead the activities. Camp includes fun activities such as crafts, cooking, physical activity, group games, fun outings and so much more!

Children must come to camp each day with a prepared lunch and appropriate clothing to play outdoors. This is a fee for service program, but subsidies are available for families who need financial assistance.

Volunteer opportunities are available for young people (ages 15+) who wished to be trained as Youth Leaders.

How to join?

  1. Download the brochure and fill in your application for the site that works for you.
  2. Return your completed Application forms to us.
    By email:, or
    By fax: +1-604-271-7626