Sherry Yang

Office Administration

Hey, this is Sherry. I recently started volunteering in March, so I’m still quite new to it, haha! Being an international student, volunteering opens up a window to the local community for me. It not only gives me a sense of fulfillment from helping others and completing tasks but also provides valuable local and social experiences. It’s something I treasure a lot. Plus, it’s refreshing to gain energy and meet new people outside of the school environment.

On a lighter note, let me share how I unexpectedly became a cat owner. One evening, I found a kitten downstairs near my house. I’d heard stories of people accidentally adopting pets, but I never imagined it would happen to me. She was just a month and a half old, abandoned by a family earlier that day. My neighbor discovered her and explained the situation to me. He couldn’t take her in due to having too many cats, so I agreed to adopt her almost instantly. With no prior experience owning a cat, I embarked on a crash course in pet care. She brought countless moments of joy into my life, and although we’re apart now, I miss her dearly.