Molly Yang

Project Manager

I’ve had the privilege of gaining experience in administration and project management over the years. Through various roles, I’ve honed my skills in keeping operations running smoothly and ensuring projects stay on track.

In addition to my professional endeavors, I hold a background in Psychology and family counseling. This training has provided me with valuable insights into human behavior and interpersonal dynamics, which I strive to apply in both my personal and professional life. This unique blend of skills allows me to not only manage projects efficiently but also foster meaningful connections and facilitate positive outcomes in various interpersonal dynamics.

When I’m not immersed in work, I enjoy quiet moments in reading Japanese comics or simply spending quality time with loved ones. I believe in the power of balance and self-care to fuel productivity and fulfillment in both professional and personal realms.

I’m excited about the prospect of collaborating with fellow enthusiasts, exchanging insights, and driving positive change together. Let’s connect, and embark on a journey of growth and impact!