Mikki Ho

Team Lead at Blundell Connections Kids Club

Hiya all, my name is Mikki, the Team Lead at Blundell Connections Kids Club. This is my 5th year working as a Team Lead at Blundell. I have been working with school-aged children for more than 9 years. It’s my passion working with this witty group. I love the challenges they bring everyday, their curiosity drives me, their behaviour evokes me, their cuteness melts my heart. I graduated from SFU as a multimedia artist and few years later, I took the children and youth care diploma at MTI Community College. I have also taken Multiple Intelligence Instructor class that includes enneagram, emotional quotients, adversity quotients, and relationship garden. I was born in Hong Kong and immigrated here when I was young. Travelling is in my blood and photography is my passion. Travelling has broadened my vision and experience of what life is about. I am grateful and thankful for what I have. I love biking, vultures, food, nature, cars, people and PoGo. I am also a coffee addict; you might find me at a coffee shop enjoying my quiet time! My dream is to have my own photo book to showcase my travel experiences, to share the world through my lenses. These are my top 3 places that I visited; Africa, Antarctica and Tibet. I enjoy and love life simply and happily! I like to strive for better and learn new things all the time too. Looking forward working and sharing our stories with you all! Be compassionate & be kind, cheers for life!