Fernanda Santana

Childcare Activity Worker

Hello everyone, my name is Fernanda (Fe), and I have been working as a before & after-school staff at CKC Blundell since 2022. Spending the day with the kids is always fun, and I love laughing and getting to know them more every day. My goal at work is to make the children feel safe and happy, and allow them to spend time however they need (we all have happy and lazy/quiet days…)
I study IT in university, and have a passion for helping and teaching others. I love when the kids ask me questions for homeworks, or just general curiosity questions about science and the universe. I am also passionate about learning, and am always trying to learn new things. Some of the hobbies that stuck with me are crochet, photography, dancing, and entertainment arts (music, movies, tv shows).

A little fun fact about me

I used to have a bunch of pets growing up, including dogs, cats, turtles, ducks and rabbits! Another fun fact about me is I love to travel and getting to know new cultures. I would say my favorites places I’ve visited were Austria, Rio de Janeiro (in Brazil, my home country) and Xel-Há park (in Mexico).