Digital Literacy for Seniors: Youth-Senior Mentorship

Embark on a journey of intergenerational connections with our Digital Literacy for Seniors program—a unique mentorship initiative that brings seniors and youth together. This program offers a variety of engaging activities designed to enrich the lives of both seniors and youth. Through mutual teaching and learning, participants not only enhance their English skills but also develop a deeper connection to the community.

One highlight of the program is the digital storytelling sessions, where the wisdom of seniors and the experiences of youth in coming to Canada are shared. This not only improves language skills but also fosters social support and mentorship from seniors to youth. The exchange between the generations benefits both groups, enhancing social, communication, and computer technology skills. Ultimately, this program contributes to increased community engagement, creating a vibrant and interconnected community for all involved. Join us in fostering meaningful connections and enriching lives through the Digital Literacy for Seniors program.