Daniel Suen

Executive Director / CEO

Daniel is a highly accomplished professional with extensive experience in youth counselling and program management. Throughout his career, he has consistently provided invaluable support to numerous youths and families, regardless of their circumstances. His expertise centers on life skills coaching, covering essential areas such as leadership development, self-esteem building, communication enhancement, and harm reduction strategies.

In addition to his counselling background, Daniel has excelled in leadership roles, serving as both a Youth Program Manager and a lead Case Manager & Employment Counsellor. His impressive track record includes organizing large-scale events, such as hiring fairs, awards ceremonies, overseas youth leadership camps, and community forums. Furthermore, Daniel is a seasoned guest speaker, contributing to a weekly radio youth talk-show, “Sharing Your Voice,” for over a decade on a local Asian broadcasting station.

Daniel’s commitment to community service has earned him recognition, including the “U-Roc Award” from the City of Richmond, the “Best Quality Client’s Service Award” from the Family and Community Support Service and accolades for his “Outstanding Contribution” to youth programs. His overarching goal is to empower today’s youth by helping them make informed academic and career choices, fostering personal growth, and promoting community engagement.

In his leisure time, Daniel actively organizes social events and enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and badminton. His commitment to continuous self-improvement, coupled with a wide range of interests, including motorcycling, cosmetics, yoga, life insurance, and bartending, reflects his passion for helping others succeed and sets him apart in all his endeavors.