Cora Lai

CVITP Coordinator

Hi, this is Cora, I came to Vancouver in 2022 from Hong Kong. I love Vancouver summer, landscape and good Chinese food. I have been working in the banking & finance industry for years because I enjoy so much meeting people from all walks of life. As Banking industry is so dynamic, I am a flexible & fast learner but will easily get stressed. I will do dancing, yoga to get balances on my mind & body. During yoga, I’m completely free from the work stuff but only high concentration on my body. More important is Having a big feast after exercise is always therapeutic. I’m looking forward to meeting more new friends here as CCSS volunteers, in fact I have met some great wonderful ones.

A little fun fact about me

I can sing in SABT choir & pop karaoke. Singing in SABT always reminds me the good old days at high school that exposed me to diverse genres and styles of music & has enhanced my performance confidence.