Running our program in Richmond, children at Cook get an opportunity to experience and participate in fun and skill-building group games, crafts and outings! Through the mentorship of our different Youth Leaders, our children are learning how to model positive behaviours such as being inclusive, communicating and expressing themselves in a positive manner, being socially responsible and becoming a leader for their peers in a group setting.

The positive impacts

  • Building up important skills, creating connections and friendships.
  • Learning from communicating emotions to taking on leadership roles.

Our success story

BT’s family has been a part of our Cook CKC family for a long time. It was actually her older sister who was initially with us first, and we are so pleased that the family was happy with our program enough to have her younger sister BT, join us for another generation!
BT is the embodiment of Cook Connections Kids Club. Although BT is one of the younger kids, she has demonstrated inclusivity, social responsibility, enthusiasm, and positive communication with staff and peers. She’s such a prominent figure in our program that she
actually welcomed two of her friends from school to join the program as well! BT is definitely on her way to becoming a leader for her peers in the program.