Y Mind Medicine is tailored for young people aged 13-18 facing stress, worry, and anxiety, our program offers a supportive environment to learn coping skills while fostering connections with others. Join us on a journey towards better mental well-being.

Our program

  • Free group program for those who are experiencing mild – moderate anxiety, stress or worries.
  • Learn evidence-based strategies of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness & Self Compassion.
  • Delivered by 2 trained mental health professionals.
  • Maximum of 12 participants per group. 
  • Closed group program -same group participants each week.
  • No diagnosis of anxiety needed.
  • No YMCA membership needed.
  • Participants may self refer.

Program benefits

  • Meet peers who are experiencing similar thoughts and feelings.
  • Program participants consistently report reduced anxiety and increased well-being following the program.
  • Free book and workbook with program materials.
  • Free 7-week YMCA membership for every participant, increased to 14 weeks if you attend all 7 sessions. 

Who is eligible?

  • Young people aged 13-18.
  • Anxiety or stress in the mild to moderate range.
  • Anxiety or stress is the primary mental health concern that you are currently struggling with.
  • Available to attend all sessions of the program on time and in full.  Participants may miss 1 session, but if they miss 2, they will not be able to continue with the group as the content builds week to week.
  • Willing to foster a safe space for group members to share and receive support, respectfully listening as well as sharing according to your comfort level.   

Joining information sessions

  • Attendance at an information session is required to sign up for the program.
  • 30-minute presentation on the program by the 2 group facilitators.
  • Each participant will then have a private 10 - 15-minute chat with 1 of the group facilitators.
  • During the private chat, participants will be invited to share the ways in which anxiety or stress currently shows up for them, as well as any other challenges, supports or questions that they may have.
  • This will help both the participant and the facilitator decide if the program is the best fit right now, or if a different resource might be more helpful now. We are happy to support with resource suggestions.
  • Places are limited and attendance at an information session does not guarantee a place in the program. We will get back to everyone about their place in the program following the final information session.