Simon Leung

Event Coordination Consultant

Born in Macau, Simon Leung began his career as a program director at Macau Radio Villa Verde in the 1980s, where he produced numerous large-scale programs such as the Industrial Exhibition and Carnival, the Chinese Song Karaoke Contest, and the Voice of Peace Singing Contest.

In the 1990s, he was invited to join the Cultural and Recreation Department of the Macau Municipal Council as a program producer. During his tenure, he produced the Macau Chinese Song Contest and countless other programs of various genres.

After immigrating to Vancouver in 1994, he joined the local Fairchild TV as a PR and Special Project Manager, overseeing large-scale events such as the Vancouver New Talent Singing Contest and the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant for several years.

Upon his return to Macau in 2004, he assumed the role of Production Director for a multitude of events. These encompassed the inauguration ceremonies of esteemed establishments such as the Golden Dragon Hotel and Casino, the Grandview Hotel, and the Ponte 16 Resort. Additionally, he played an integral part in orchestrating the World Tourism Economic Forum from its inaugural edition to its eighth iteration. Moreover, he contributed significantly to the Festivities Commemorating the 15th Anniversary of the Macau Handover. The Macau Ceremony of Welcoming the Buddha’s Relic and Offering Prayers.