Alison Xu

Volunteer & Leadership Management

From elementary to university educations, I had one goal, finish at least a Bachelor degree, and find a career that I can move up, more salary, higher job titles. Now, I’m 40 years old, with vice president from my last work title, with almost $200K salary. I am still feeling empty. Apparently, I have placed my self worth on external elements, work, money, cars, plus a lot of just things. Self worth is internal. The fact that I was born, I am worthy all along. This is exactly what I should model to my daughter, Abby. Thus, I decided to make a huge change in my life, quit my corporate position, take a break and give back to the community, while enjoying the simplicity of life and loving the real me. By modeling simple life, I hope it will guide Abby to fully embrace the process of life, without the burden of searching for self worth. Thus, happiness is naturally within her. Hopefully, during this personal change of loving ‘me’, I may inspire a few more individuals to do the same for themselves.

A little fun fact about me

  • Love to sleep – it doesn’t always love me back though!
  • Love nature and love skiing – it is a very graceful moment whenever seeing the enormous mountains, reminding me how little I’m and how amazing powerful nature is.